Refund Processing Time

How can I tell if my return has been processed for a refund?


As luck would have it, there's a very easy way tell if your refund has been processed! The secret lies in the place you've once frequented to return. If you're not one with riddles, then allow us to break it down for you: all you have to do is visit the return center, enter your order number of the order you've returned, and the email address. After you've entered the important pieces of information, look for "Status", which will display your return's current stage, much like the image below:

  • Started: You'll commonly see this status when you initiate the return online. In the event that you forget the fact that you started a return, fret not; we've got you covered.
  • In Progress: When "In Progress" shows, this means that your items are currently going through the loops of being returned. Typically, you'll see this when the order is currently in the queue of being processed. Patience, young one, as there may be a lot of other returns ahead of yours. We, in no fashion, condone cutting in line.
  • Processed: This is the almighty status you've been waiting for! When you see "Processed" next to the status line on your return, you'll know for sure that your return has successfully navigated the depths of our return department. Once its processed, it'll conveniently give you a date that it was processed as well. Typically, 3-5 business days after the "processed" date is when the refund will post in your account. Wait! Don't stop reading yet! The question below answers the final piece of the puzzle...

How long does it take after seeing that my return has been processed until the refund reaches my bank account?

If you've purchased something from us outside of these months, then you're in luck (and you must love costumes as much as we do)! During these months, the refunds will generally be credited back to the account within 1-2 weeks of arriving at our facility. 

If you've purchased something from us between early September through December, and you’re looking to return it, we'll ask in advance for your patience! We get more returns during that period than the rest of the year combined, so it will take some extra time. Once the return is received in our facility, it generally takes 2-4 weeks for the refund to post back into the account the order was placed under.




NOTE: If it’s been two full billing cycles since the return arrived in our facility, we would ask that you contact us, keeping in mind that we may ask you to contact your financial institution to verify refund status first.


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