Using Money Orders & Checks

Can I pay via a money order or check?

You can submit an order to us via money order or check! Some specific information to help you fill out your cart:
  • Add all the items you're interested in to your cart online.
  • Select the corresponding shipping method (allow one extra day for processing time!) for you to receive your order.
  • Enter in your contact, school information.
  • Grab your cart ID (psst, top left corner of the cart pages).
  • Complete the order online all the way up until you reach the payment screen. When you see an area to enter payment details, stop there!
  • Print out the corresponding pages, and pack 'em in the envelope to send to us!
Checks: If you're paying with a check, it's important to know that your order will be on hold for 10 days pending the check clearance. With that, plan accordingly with your receive by date! 
Be Aware: Money orders and checks are not acceptable payment methods for rental items.

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