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Here at, we understand the need to have different means of checking out. Sometimes, it's nice to be able to use your Paypal account, or your Amazon account, to checkout vs your actual direct credit card. Don't worry, we've got you covered.
When on your "View Cart" page, you'll notice two options of different check out means: Paypal Checkout and Pay with Amazon. Clicking each of those respectively will redirect you to each of their 3rd party check out pages.



Triple Tips for checking out with Paypal/Amazon

  • Triple check the address: We've seen it before; you just moved to a new house and your old address is still in your Paypal/Amazon account - yikes! The easiest way to fix this is just to triple check the address on file in your Paypal/Amazon account. Diligence will save you the headache, the inconvenience, and the burden of having to order multiple times.
  • Triple check your order: It's relatively easy to place the wrong item in your cart, add the wrong size, or quickly get a last minute phone call just before you hit that gigantic red checkout button, distracting you from making your purchase. Be sure that you are completely satisfied with your order before you completely checkout because when it comes to 3rd party check out options, we can't make any changes to the order! So it's super important that you make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order before making the big decision to complete it.

    - Check the shipping option you chose
    - Check the sizes of the costumes
    - Check the quantity of costumes
    - Check the costume styles
  • Triple check your card on file: This is equally important! Sometimes we forget that we have old cards on file, which only delays you getting your goodies. Make sure the card that you have on your payment account is active and has the appropriate amount of funds. 

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