International Shipping

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We ship to over 200 countries worldwide. Just to name a few countries that we ship to, we ship to the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CAN), Australia (AU), amongst a ton of other countries! To see which countries we ship to, place an item in your cart, click the “view cart” button that will appear, and then select the corresponding country. You may be prompted to enter you postal code for more accurate rates.
Note: We display all shipping options for each country. After you've selected your country, you will see all options available for your area. 

How do I calculate shipping to another country?

To calculate shipping for international orders, it's simple! All you need to do is add items to your cart! When you add items to your cart, click the "view cart" button and then you'll be taken to your cart view page. Select your country, enter in your postal code, and the system will automatically adjust the shipping options you see in front of you based off of your country and entered postal code. It's that easy. 

Will there be taxes and duties?  

Some shipping options (in the chart below) will have duties and taxes already included up front. This means that you won't have to pay the courier directly when the packages arrive. There are two shipping options, however, where you will need to pay duties and taxes when your order arrives: Parcel Preferred & Parcel Preferred Plus. To see details of which international shipping options will include duties and taxes, see the chart below!

International Shipping Options & Times

This gets a little trickier since your package has a much further way to go. There are a couple different factors to consider when determining when you’ll receive your order. International orders must also go through customs, international travel, and your location. Because of this, we cannot guarantee international travel times. So please allow yourself ample time to get your order!
We have found that it’s best to pay for duties and taxes up front (via expedited shipping services), as this will help alleviate any delays from customs. If duties and taxes are not paid right away, you are responsible for paying the necessary funds to your local customs office when your order arrives in your country.
In order to get an accurate cost simply insert your country and postal code while viewing your shopping cart. 
Parcel Priority
Parcel Express Parcel Express Saver  Parcel Preferred Parcel Preferred Plus
FedEx Option UPS Option UPS Option UPS Option UPS Option
1-4 business day(s) 1-4 business day(s) 2-7 business days 3-10 business days      (Not Guaranteed) 3-10 business days                 (Not Guaranteed)
Duties & Taxes Included Duties & Taxes Included Duties & Taxes Included Duties & Taxes NOT Included  Duties & Taxes NOT included
Delivered by FedEx
Delivered by UPS
Delivered by UPS
Delivered by local
postal service
(Limited Tracking)
Delivered by local
postal service
12:00 PM CST               Cut Off Time 12:00 PM CST                Cut Off Time 12:00 PM CST                   Cut Off Time 12:00 PM CST                 Cut Off Time 12:00 PM CST                     Cut Off Time
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